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In our webshop you can find all the moving boxes and packaging you need for a professional and stress-free move! 

Our product range of premium quality 5-layered moving boxes and packaging materials has been put together through careful planning and testing with 30 years of international relocation experience. Shop conveniently, online, from anywhere in Hungary and we will deliver the selected products to your home within a few days!

And if you’d like to entrust packaging and moving to someone else, we can help! Ask for our free offer!

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Easy moving with high quality moving boxes – no stress, no wasted time

It’s also easier to move with quality equipment: professional movers have known this for a long time. Move like a pro with MoveArtis premium quality moving boxes tested by professional movers and forget about the stress of moving forever.

Save time with moving boxes which are available in many sizes and shapes for different objects, making systematic packing and unpacking a breeze. Plus, with the extra-strong design of MoveArtis moving boxes, you can keep your beloved items completely safe from any damage during transport.

Your time is more important than searching for boxes for weeks. Get everything you need to move in one place, choose high-quality, professional moving boxes and discover the feeling of a relaxed and easy move.

Moving boxes and packaging materials for (almost) everything

Based on our many years of experience in relocation, we know that packing heavy, special shaped and sized or even fragile items can cause a headache for movers. Unfortunately supermarkets rarely have specially designed cardboard boxes for moving house that professional moving companies use to work effectively.


That’s why the MoveArtis moving box and packaging material webshop was born to make the premium moving boxes and accessories we use on a daily basis widely and easily available.


In our product range you will even find laid and folded clothes moving boxes, as well as wardrobe moving boxes for transporting your favorite clothes without creasing, damage and dirt. With these moving boxes for clothes, you can easily save money and energy on cleaning clothes after moving. Plus, our wardrobe boxes can even function as a temporary wardrobe until your furniture is in place.


For the safe removal of heavy items such as books, tableware, smaller kitchen appliances, we recommend our extra strong and practical sized, well-stackable book and kitchen moving boxes, so you don’t have to worry about them opening or tearing during unpacking due to their heavy weight.


In our webshop you will also find all the important accessories for transporting your furniture, ranging from various protective foils, through moving blankets to the special bed mattress bag. We also offer a suitable moving box for the safe transport of lamps and chandeliers, as well as for moving vulnerable pictures, paintings, mirrors or even TVs. Combined with our various space fillers and packaging foils, you can easily ensure that your fragile objects can be moved without impact, even with large sizes.


And if you need extra large moving boxes or a custom-sized box that you can’t find in our offer, write to us! We can also help you by producing custom moving boxes starting from a single piece!


Sizes and quantity – What you should pay attention to before buying moving boxes?

In the corner there is still one houseplant, the pictures are on the walls and the wardrobe is still half full, but the moving boxes are already full. Is the situation familiar? The experience is that we typically tend to underestimate the amount of our items by 10-20%, including the amount of moving boxes and packaging materials required. Avoid unnecessary annoyance and the rush for extra boxes with a proven moving tip: 

Before purchasing boxes for moving, weigh the size of your home – how many square feet, how crowded – and count on it plus 10-20% of the amount originally planned.


We know that this calculation is not easy, so we have created our S, M and L size moving box packages to make the choice much easier. We’ve put together the box quantity and box types that an average 25-40-50 square meter household relocation usually requires, so you can easily choose the optimal package for you or provide a good basis for more accurate quantity planning for a larger apartment.


Plus, if you buy it in bundles, you can save on the price of the boxes! Why bother searching for the right boxes? We will deliver your order to your home within a few working days in Hungary.

Why choose cardboard moving boxes made of 5 layers of cardboard?

Supermarkets almost always offer 3-layer cardboard moving boxes. At first glance, it’s hard to find a difference between 3 and 5 layer boxes, but when you use it, it immediately becomes clear which one holds up better.


When packed, the 3-layer boxes often bend, are less stable, and easily fall apart, so they cannot be stacked well during transport.


In contrast, you can confidently stack up to 5 pieces of our 5-layer moving boxes on top of each other without them collapsing or tearing under the heavy load! This also makes much more efficient use of the cargo space of the truck used for the move, saving you time, energy and money.


You may recognize the extremely strong, heavy-duty, 5-layered corrugated cardboard material used for MoveArtis moving boxes. This material is also used for transporting large kitchen appliances such as refrigerators.

We use them because they protect their contents 100%, and they are significantly more durable than 3-layer boxes.

Moving can be green, too! – Choose eco-friendly, durable, reusable packaging and boxes for moving house

However, the material and durability of house moving boxes is not only important for protection. A move generates a lot of waste, so it matters how environmentally friendly the packaging materials you choose are.


MoveArtis cardboard moving boxes are made of 100% recyclable cardboard. Thanks to their rugged design, they can be reused several times, which significantly reduces the amount of waste generated.


In addition, we take great care to ensure that not only the moving boxes are “green” in our webshop, but also environmentally friendly packaging materials and accessories are available.


If MoveArtis performs the relocation, we will take care of the selection and disposal of the generated waste. With a little attention, you can do a lot to make your move greener!

Moving boxes are not only for moving

You can still make great use of our moving boxes after moving. Some strong, 5-layer cardboard boxes are also a great choice for organizing your seasonal belongings, safely storing unused items stored in the attic or garage.


Not only do they protect your belongings from dust and dirt, but they also help to make the typically chaotic storage spaces more transparent. By tagging them, they make your stuff easy to search. And if you don’t need moving boxes at the moment, they can fit in a small space when folded.

Buy moving boxes easily from home!

When it comes to moving, after the first panic thoughts, “Where can I get moving boxes?” question is the next one that runs through our brains.


Order everything you need to move, easily, conveniently, online, from anywhere in Hungary. Add the selected products to your cart and enter your shipping and billing information. The shipping fee is always calculated individually depending on the size and quantity of the boxes.


You can pay for your order by credit card, bank transfer or at the courier upon receipt. We will deliver the selected products to your home in 1-3 working days in Budapest and 1-10 working days in other parts of the country.


If you want the boxes for moving house to arrive on time and not take up space unnecessarily in the apartment, contact us, give us the exact date of your move, and we will try to cooperate with it.


At MoveArtis, we work to make your move as relaxed as possible!

Learn about new levels of moving with MoveArtis!


MoveArtis has been working in the field of international relocation for 30 years. And during this time, not only families but also offices, museums and even theaters have chosen us and we have moved from and to many places including the United States or China. We are at the disposal of our customers with a reliable, multilingual, professional team, state-of-the-art vehicles and equipment.


That is why, if you would like to entrust someone else with all the tasks of packing and moving, you can count on us! If you order our Moving with Packaging service, we not only undertake to move and transport the packed boxes to the car, but you can even entrust us with the packaging of the entire apartment!


Your time and comfort are worth more than the hassle of packing for days or even weeks. Ask for the help of expert hands, who routinely but with great care, in a well-organized way, complete the move in 1-2 working days for smaller apartments and 2-4 working days for larger family houses.


Discover new levels of moving with MoveArtis! Feel free to ask for our offer online!