Cup holder insert for folded dress box (Size: 58 * 31 * 20 cm)

995 Ft

The cup holder insert for a folded clothes box is specially designed for transporting glasses, so the box will be suitable for transporting a total of 36 glasses with two inserts, with a maximum height of 20 cm.
If you purchase an insert, you can also carry taller glasses or even wine bottles in the inserts.

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Designed for the folded dress box, this cup holder insert makes it possible to carry 18 glasses up to a length of 20 cm. The box can be fitted with two of these inserts, which allows you to store a total of 36 glasses in them. You may also want to choose white packing paper next to it, which provides extra protection for the glasses.

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Weight0. 3 kg
Dimensions50 × 50 × 6 cm

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