Storage, warehousing service

storage, warehousing service

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Are you moving or releasing your apartment? Do you want to place your furniture somewhere while working abroad? Do you need to store your belongings for a short time? Do you want to store your bikes, skies, and boats elsewhere? For many reasons, it may be necessary to store some or all of your household goods for longer or shorter period. Often happens that there is a certain amount of time between moving out and moving in a new home.
MoveArtis offers warehousing services to customers, with customized solutions for short or long term. We provide a secure and 24-hour guarded storage room for your valuables. You can enter personally between 8am and 5pm during the day and have access to your belongings.
Warehousing requires great expertise. With the help of our experienced professionals, MoveArtis stores furniture and other valuables separately, in a dry and clean storage, protected from dust and dirt and injuries. We always return valuables in a professionally packed way as we have received.

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Wardrobe box

Price: 5980 Ft/pc

Document box

Price: 1145 Ft/pc

Dish box

Price: 1445 Ft/pc

Customer reviews:

“Great team. Thanks for the good work in hard time.”


„Very professional team, friendly and good English speaking.”


„Excellent service!!! Couldn’t be better!!!”


„I am very happy with the very good service. Thank you!”


„Fast, friendly service. Both my wife and I are extremely happy!”

Teresa és John

„Amazing accountability and professionalism. Well done.”


“High quality of services, responsible approach, clarity and compliance with deadlines. Respectful attitude to the client.”


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