Folded clothes box (Size: 58 * 31 * 42 cm)

2 985 Ft

Volume: 70 liters
This box is excellent for storing and transporting folded clothes or even certain dishes. It is equipped with strong, stable lugs for easy and safe lifting. A cup holder insert can also be added for the box, which can be suitable for transporting crystal glasses, up to 20 cm.

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Designed for carrying clothes or even certain dishes, this box has excellent stability, requires no gluing around as it has a concealed base and lid. It has strong, perforated tabs that make it easy to move and lift.
An insert specifically for transporting glasses can also be requested for the folded clothes box, with two inserts the box will be suitable for transporting a total of two glasses, 36 glasses, thus allowing the transport of glasses with a maximum height of 20 cm. The box also includes an assembly guide that helps you to easily assemble your folded clothes box in just a few steps!
Based on our 30 years of international and domestic relocation experience, it is always worth buying 10-20% more boxes than we think is necessary. Usually, it is only turns out during packaging that we have much more movables to move than we thought.

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Weight1. 2 kg
Dimensions97 × 95 × 1. 5 cm

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