Air container box (Size: 106 * 72 * 75 cm)

9 850 Ft

106 × 72 × 75 cm, weight: 5,8 kg
Ideal moving box for packing larger airfreight. Its size meets aviation standards, since it has 7 layers, so you can keep your belongings in great safety with this box. You can also buy pallets for the air container box, please contact us for further information!

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With it’s having 7 layer of cardboard and a load capacity of up to 500 kg, the air container box is best possible choice, if you are moving to a part of the world where you can only transport your belongings as air freight, it is recommended to buy such a box. You can place your smaller boxes containing your belongings in this large box. We recommend numbering and listing the inner cardboard boxes, so you will remember your contents for sure.
Pallets are also available for the box, please contact us for further information! Based on our 30 years of international and domestic relocation experience, it is always worth buying 10-20% more boxes than we think is necessary. Usually, it is only turns out during packaging that we have much more movables to move than we thought.

Additional information

Weight5. 8 kg
Dimensions106 × 72 × 75 cm

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