Bed mattress bag (King size: 270 * 240 * 40 cm)

8 500 Ft

Regarding to the name of the bed mattress bag, it was made specifically for the packaging of king size bed mattresses.
You can simply put a mattress in the bag. Being made of a durable material, it will definitely not tear apart and will protect your mattress from unwanted damage and dirt.

Sizes: 270 * 240 * 40 cm

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In our line-up you will also find adhesive tape, tape disperser, white packing paper: get everything in one place for your safe transport.
Based on our 30 years of international and domestic relocation experience, it is always worth buying 10-20% more boxes than we think is necessary. Usually, it is only turns out during packaging that we have much more movables to move than we thought.

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