Size L Moving Kit – better value in pack!

172 330 Ft

25 pcs Book box (Size: 46 * 34 * 33 cm)
13 pcs Dishsaver box (Size: 46 * 46 * 38 cm)
8 pcs Bedroom box (Size: 46 * 46 * 76 cm)
3 pcs Mirror & Picture box (Size: 76 * 10 * 60 cm)
3 pcs Wardrobe box (Size: 53 * 48 * 112 cm)
2 pcs Lamp box (Size: 59 * 59 * 51 cm)
40 m Paper laminated foil (Size: 120 cm wide, 10 m long)
20 m Bubble wrap (Size: 120 cm wide, 10 m long)
10 kg White packing paper (Size: 60 * 84 cm, weight: 5 kg)
2 pcs Bed mattress bag (Size: Size: 240 * 170 * 25 cm)
2 rolls of Stretch film (Size: Width 50 cm, weight: 2.5 kg)
8 rolls of Adhesive tape

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If you decide to choose the Size L Moving Kit, you will save 9070 HUF!
When moving, the most important packaging material is the box. This particular moving kit was put together for a slightly larger move. It is enough to move the movables of an apartment of 50-60 m2. It is an ideal choice for movers working with a good amount of furniture, fragile and fragile objects.
If you need help, feel free to contact us! Lots of stuff? Ask for a unique offer!
Boxes of different sizes and load-bearing capacities should be chosen when moving, mainly to withstand even the heaviest loads. The moving boxes of MoveArtis Kft. have 5 layers and can be stacked on top of each other without collapsing, so you can safely transport and move your belongings with it.
It is always worth buying a little more boxes than we think we will need, as it is only during packaging that it turns out that we have much more movables to move than we thought.
Oversized product!

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