Is it worth saving money when organising a move?

Before relocating, you rightly wonder how much it would cost to move your goods from A to B. Another rational idea is trying to make a cost-effective decision wherever possible. But is it worth saving money if the aim is to make your move a smooth one?

This article answers that question. As usual, we share our experience over the past decades, based on the values of reliability, credibility and authenticity. We hope this will support your decision making.

Even when moving, cheap meat doesn’t make good soup

Of course, there is a logic behind it if you want to manage your relocation cost-effectively. However, it matters on which items and to what extent you save. Saving too much is expensive.

When you hire a removal company, you pay not only for moving your goods from A to B. Instead, you more likely pay for the service provider’s

  • experience;
  • know-how in the complexities of international transport;
  • for the assistance they provide in getting your shipment to its destination;
  • for the working hours they dedicate to you

There is always a cheaper option. The question is rather are you willing to take the risk that unjustified saving can entail?

An eye-catching example of the dangers of oversaving

We recently assisted in the relocation of a high-value old timer car to Hungary from the United States. The case illustrates the careless attitude of low-cost hauliers and the dangers this poses.

It is perhaps a bit strong to say the least, but it is hard to say otherwise when a 3 tonne car is ‘fixed’ with a 400 kg spanifer. Imagine the state the vehicle was in when we opened the container on arrival.

When it comes to moving, there is no more cost-effective decision than to hire a reliable, trustworthy service provider. One that adheres to the written and unwritten rules of hassle-free transportation. And at a fair price.

What you can and should save money on

We explain to all our customers that they should only take the personal equipment they really need. If you manage to find alternative space for furniture, utensils, decorative items, etc. that no longer need to be moved, you can save yourself hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Secondly, read carefully the offers you receive from relocation companies. Particular attention should be paid to:

  • the tasks covered by the offer;
  • what will be completed under the contract;
  • what is included in the basic price;
  • or what tasks are being charged extra for.

It is worth reading carefully through an offer, even though it takes time. It is better to take the extra few minutes than to be caught by surprise. Once the shipment has been dispatched, there is no turning back.

Useful advice is to treat complex offers with caution. A fair, honest service provider will not make a complicated offer. If the draft contract is full of unintelligible small print, something is wrong.

Also, it is always advisable to ask for delivery in strong, sturdy boxes or crates. This is much safer than pallets. Anyone who has witnessed the way airport staff handle luggage can imagine what happens to larger loads. Therefore, the boxed version, as shown in the picture, is more convenient.

Moreover, the standard crate size is also a key factor in saving space. It avoids having to transport air, which is a completely pointless waste of money.

Things not to cut back on if you want a hassle-free move

On the offer you receive, do not just look at the final amount at the bottom. Look carefully at what is and is not included in the movers’ offer. The real opportunity to save money when moving lies in the details.

You should carefully read and compare the offers you receive. This way you can better compare which provider can offer not only a good price, but also a fair and decent service package.

It is also not recommended to skimp on the boxes. Especially when it comes to transporting fragile, valuable items. The relatively low investment required for a sturdy but robust box will more than make up for the cost of getting your valuables back broken.

Relocation cost-effectively, thoughtfully, with expertise

For 35 years, Zoltán Tóth and the MoveArtis team have been assisting with domestic and international relocation tasks with this value system:

  • we work with our clients on a basis of trust;
  • no artificial intelligence, always a helpful person to answer your questions;
  • we understand exactly where savings can and shouldn’t be made;
  • we want you to be satisfied, so we do our best;
  • and best of all, as a result, you can save money with us.

 Are you about to relocate? Would you like to make the process really cost-effective?

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