Foldable file box (Size: 46 * 34 * 33 cm)

1 545 Ft

This file storage box is ideal for packing and storing books and documents. Easy to fold, can be used without adhesive tape. Thanks to the tabs on the sides, it is easy to find grip, to lift and move.

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When transporting documents or books, we need strong, durable boxes. The foldable file box has 5 cardboard layers and can be stacked on top of each other without collapsing – so you can transport and move your belongings safely with it. If you can’t unpack it right away, you can also store your documents securely in these boxes.
Based on our 30 years of international and domestic relocation experience, it is always worth buying 10-20% more boxes than we think is necessary. Usually, it is only turns out during packaging that we have much more movables to move than we thought.

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Weight0. 9 kg
Dimensions88 × 80 × 1. 5 cm

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