Biodegradable space filling foam with box (0.08m3 / box)

3 510 Ft

This space-filling foam has many advantages, its flexible and hard material ensures the protection of fragile and sensitive goods to be transported around it, but it is also hygienic and has no harmful effect on the environment, as it decomposes on reaction with water. It’s sufficient size designed to
protect the products around it. The price of the product also includes the box.

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During every move, it is necessary to protect fragile movables, the biodegradable space-filling foam is excellent for protecting products thanks to its flexibility and hardness. In today’s world, the protection of the Earth has become important, in addition to the product, there are also environmental features, because when reacted with water, the foam decomposes and does not pollute the environment. One box contains 0.08 cubic meters of BIO foam.

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Weight1. 8 kg

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